Website Design

Barbara Corcoran is a celebrity entrepreneur, real estate mogul, and “Shark” on the hit TV show Shark Tank.

Barbara and her team reached out to us to design and develop a website for her to attract and retain her network of entrepreneurs and real estate agents. 

INCLUDES: Branding & WordPress Website
Barbara Corcoran Website
Barbara Corcoran Website
Project process
  • CMS WordPress Website with custom features and functions, including a real-estate agent directory, “Entrepreneur IQ”quiz by HBS graduates, and “Find me an Agent” contact form
  • Digital branding strategy
  • Successfully launched a custom WordPress website with 60,000 unique views in the first 10 days of launch.
  • Platform to showcase potential partnership opportunities for Barbara’s speaking engagements, consulting, and brand partnerships.
  • Client Stakeholder: Barbara Corcoran, Owner
  • Client Stakeholder: Emily Burke, Chief of Staff
  • Design: Courtney Spencer

Development: Mark Frankel and Artin Hovhanesian

Barbara Corcoran