Marketing Creative

Peloton is an exercise equipment and media company.

Peloton provides high-energy workouts through bikes, treads, and live-streaming workout classes. The boutique apparel brand was born from the in-store experience and has had a cult following since.

The fitness apparel brand needed a team to design its marketing creative for Summer 2022 — and we have been working with them since. Our team owns the design and copywriting for marketing campaigns including website, email, app, and social creative. 

INCLUDES: Website design, app design, organic social media, paid Facebook ads, and email design
Project process
  • App 
  • Website
  • Email
  • Social media (organic and paid)
  • Peloton Bike and tread hardware
  • In-store creative
  • Launched 5+ campaigns in global markets
  • Strategic Marketing: Andrew Carrol
  • Creative Art Director: Courtney Spencer
  • Photography Direction: Ronda Thompson
  • Designer: Emily Funck
  • Copywriting: Stephanie Murg
  • Retouching: Marisa Baumgartner