Aavrani is an Indian-inspired hair care product with the perfect blend of modern innovation and ancient wisdom.

The founder and CEO, Rooshy Roy, originally reached out to us in 2017 to create a brand identity and packaging. The Aavrani team approached us for a second time in 2023 to update the brand as they pivoted to hair care — and launch in Sephora. We supported them by evaluating their brand system and selecting key brand elements to revise to communicate hair care instead of skin care.

Project process

For the Aavrani project, we applied the atomic design approach by breaking down their brand elements into smaller components, refining each one to align with their new hair care focus. We then combined these elements to refresh their illustrations, icons, packaging, and website, ensuring consistency and efficiency in conveying their updated brand narrative across various touchpoints.

  • Logo Design
  • Color palette and typography
  • Packaging design
  • Icon and Illustration
  • Website Design System
  • Launched new haircare products in Sephora
  • Product features in New York Times, Vogue,
Glamour, and InStyle
  • Founder & CEO: Rooshy Roy
  • Senior Vice President, Marketing: Nancy Lan
  • Director of E-commerce: Charlotte Moogan
  • Senior Designer: Samantha Strauss
  • Art Director: Courtney Spencer 
  • Senior Designer: Emily Funck