Peloton Apparel is an embodiment of sleek performance and style, merging cutting-edge technology with fashion-forward design.

The fitness apparel brand needed a team to design its marketing creative for Summer 2022. Since then, our collaboration with Peloton Apparel has been nothing short of exhilarating. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovation, our team has taken ownership of both design and copywriting, shaping every aspect of the brand’s marketing campaigns across various platforms.

Project process

Our collaboration with Peloton Apparel is like being part of their team, working closely every day to bring their creative vision to life. From brainstorming new campaign ideas to refining website design, we’re fully immersed in the process, ensuring our work reflects their brand excellence.

  • Ongoing marketing creative
  • Custom email design
  • Paid and Organic Social media assets
  • Website design
  • Creative assets for the Peloton products for the bike, treadmill, and app
  • Marketing: Heather Dady, Lexie Berg, Holly Sargent 
  • Creative Director: Courtney Spencer
  • Art Director: Blaire Speaker
  • Photography: Ariel Simeoli and 
  • Designer: Abby Steinour + Vivian Jade Li