Amsale is a bridal atelier headquartered in New York City.

Amsale is a designer widely credited as the inventor of the modern wedding dress. Each dress is delicately handcrafted with a design ethos that combines modernity with traditional craftsmanship.

To help Amsale showcase their unique and stunning bridal collections to a broader audience, our team focused on creating a comprehensive email marketing strategy. We worked with Amsale to identify their target audience and to develop a messaging strategy that spoke to their brand values and unique selling points.

Project process

Our approach began with an in-depth understanding of Amsale’s brand identity and the intricacies of their exquisite bridal collections. Collaborating closely with the Amsale team, we delved into the nuances of their design ethos, ensuring that our email marketing strategy not only highlighted the stunning craftsmanship of each dress but also conveyed the timeless elegance and modern sophistication synonymous with the Amsale brand.

  • Custom email template
  • Marketing strategy
  • Creative Director: Sarah Swann
  • Art Director: Courtney Spencer
  • Lead Designer: Blaire Speaker