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Cutwater is an award-winning canned cocktail.

Cutwater is a canned cocktail that was created in San Diego by the head brewer of Ballast, Yusef. He has always made cocktails with his spirits and homemade mixers, and as a brewer with a canning line, it just seemed natural to put these cocktails into cans. 

The beverage brand successfully launched in the USA, and the team needed a new eCommerce Shopify website to launch and sell products in the UK. 

INCLUDES: Shopify eCommerce Website

Cutwater Website
Cutwater UK Website
Project process

What made this project special was how quickly and confidently we worked with a global team to design and launch a website in under four weeks.

  • Shopify eCommerce Website
  • Design System
  • Launched Shopify eCommerce website with 5 new products in UK market within 6 weeks of project kickoff
  • UK Head of eCommerce: Julie Veryser
  • Brand Manager: Nicolas Gomezgonzalez
  • Lead Designer: Courtney Spencer 
  • Product Manager: Iain Rorison
  • Development: Statement Agency
cutwater-tequila marg
Cutwater Tequila Margarita